Cherish the experience

Profigold Care Products are designed to cherish your valuable vision, sound and personal media equipment. Profigold Care Products are carefully developed in Europe and offer only the highest possible quality grade ingredients and products while being environmental friendly at the same time.

Unique Products

Dense weaved microfibre cloth

for optimum dust and finger print removal.

High performance anti-static brush

cleans hard to reach nooks and ensures non-scratch cleaning.

Superior soft brushes

clean dust and dirt on optical lenses without scratching.

Non-drip alcohol free cleaning gel

ensures non-streak screen cleaning, cherishes your equipment and is environment friendly.

High Performance DVD Lens Cleaner

DVD lens cleaner and menu-driven calibration guide ensures superior DVD player performance and movie experience.

High Performance Blu-Ray Lens Cleaner

Multiple Brush Blu-ray lens cleaner and menu-driven guide ensures superior Blu-ray & Playstation 3 performance and High Definition movie experience.

High Performance Velvet Record Cleaner

Velvet record cleaner for keeping your vinyl records in mint condition.