Quality is a choice.

Eyes for detail design, a heart for performance and a pure experience.

All Profigold products are designed in the Netherlands with greatest of care. We truly believe that quality is a choice. We want you to experience our eye for detailed design through our 360 degrees rotating HDMI™ interconnects or our personal media Apple compatible cables for example.

We also want you to experience the high-end performances and latest technologies that our connectivity solutions have to offer. We're one of the first connectivity specialists to offer HDMI 2.0 cables with 8K4K support, RedMere® chipset technology based interconnects that guarantee the full HDMI™ data throughput to be maintained up to 30 metres and so on.

And last but not least, we want our products to reproduce a pure experience. We carefully select our raw materials and will only work 99.96% oxygen-free copper conductors, multiple cable shielding, silver soldered contacts and 24k hard gold plated contacts.

Only then we can say: “Quality is a choice”